Building Homes is Not Our Job it is Our Passion.

We Build Homes As If We Are Going to Live in Them

Todays homebuilding is a complex process that requires a lot of choices about technology, techniques, materials and architecture. We like to make these choices with the homeowner after discussing the trade-offs with them. On major decisions we can also use our four person design & building team consisting of my wife and I (representing the older generation) and my partner and his wife (representing the younger generation). It works amazingly well since we have been doing this for about 12 years.

Download Your Home Plan

During the design process , regardless of your location, you can download the house plan we are working on to your computer for you to view and annotate.  Or we can bring a laptop computer to your location and make changes while you watch.

Flexibility and Attention to Details

This flexibility and attention to details results in an enjoyable, hassle free, cost effective home building experience that eliminates surprises.