We Make it Easy to Get Started


Consulting can cover almost anything. Some obvious choices are:

Helping you choose a lot – some things to consider are:
slope of ground – type of septic system required – well water availability -
driveway location – utility availability, location & access – home location - setback requirements – etc. Send for free flyers on How to Pick a Lot and Sloping Lot Considerations.

Acting as your own general contractor you may need help:
submitting plans to the city/county – finding good subcontractors – deciding on what materials to use – managing the construction - etc.

Home Design

Don’t own a lot – you don’t want to design a house and then go find a lot to fit your floor plan. This may work if you buy a large rural lot but is very risky if you want a city lot which usually is much smaller.

You own a lot – now we can design a home that takes advantage of the lots features and still include all the floor plan features you are looking for. Designing a home is a partnership between the home owners and the designer. We work with you to design a functional, beautiful, durable and energy efficient home. Our design team includes my wife and I (the older generation) and my partner and his wife (the younger generation). With your ideas and desires and our experience it’s a win-win proposition. Send for free flyers How to Select a Floor Plan and Developing Floor Plans from Balloon Diagrams.

Design & Build

This is the ideal way to build a home. By the time the design is complete the designer builder knows your likes and dislikes and can incorporate them into the home as it is built. Handing an unfamiliar plan to a good builder who you have talked to a couple of times is not the same thing. This alternative will save you money and time and result in an enjoyable building experience. Send for our free flyer on The Building Process.


We can make an existing home look like a new one. Its amazing what new windows, trim, a covered patio or entry and decking can do for the outside of a house. Inside, bath and kitchen remodels can make the whole house seem new.

If you find a great lot with a fair house. We can fix it up to be your dream home. Even if the house is too small we can add a master suite or any other kind of addition you desire. The money you save buying an older home might pay for all the remodeling you need. Don’t rule out great lots with old trailers on them. The trailers can be removed and you can start fresh.